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Unnamed Sources Tell Seatrade That Crystal is Shutting Down.

A source said "They're basically calling the end of Crystal."

Seatrade Cruise News reports that multiple sources have informed them that Crystal Cruises is shutting down. According to unnamed sources, 'They're basically calling the end of Crystal." The report states that instead of a reorganization that would keep Crystal whole, it now seems likely individual assets will be sold.

More sources said there had been particular interest among potential buyers in the brand-new expedition ship, Crystal Endeavor.

Crystal did issue a statement on Saturday saying, the officers and crew are being 'well cared for and staying in single accommodations,' some of them guest staterooms. 'Crew members have been paid per their normal schedules, and we are meeting and exceeding all contractual obligations".

Other than to blame the German government for this debacle there has been no word from billionaire owner Lim Kok Thay who chose to crash and burn a legendary cruise line rather than do the right thing.

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