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In March of 2020, the cruise and entertainment industry came to an abrupt stop. Comedians everywhere were suddenly out of work and looking for something to do. A virus from China forced most people into hiding. 

Veteran stand-up comedian Tom Drake decided to fill the downtime by launching an internet radio station named Best at Sea. 
Tom also launched a daily two-hour show hosted by him as part of the programming.


Two weeks after that launch, legendary comedy-magician John Ferrentino joined the show, and the show was renamed the Big Broadcast. Within weeks radio personality BJ Odom and Oceania Cruises' "Cruise Director on Loan," Dottie Kulasa joined the show, and the Big Broadcast became bigger. 

During the ten months that the show aired, the Broadcast was visited by many guests, and everyone had lots of fun. For the most part, the guests were from the travel and entertainment industry. The show built up a nice following, but the decision was made to end the show after ten months and focus on a site that would deliver the cruise and travel news. 

Now Best at Sea Radio has become a "go-to" place for the travel industry, for cruisers and crew, officers and staff worldwide.
In addition to reporting all of today's news, Tom records a daily cruise and travel video update covering the latest stories with a bit of "tongue in cheek" comedy.

Tom says he launched Best at Sea for something to do during the pandemic, and now it has become something to do while he is back touring the world as a headline entertainer onboard Oceania cruise line.

Starting March 29th, Tom's daily update will be broadcast from Oceania Sirena as the ship travels throughout Europe.

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