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Two Former NCL Ships Reportedly Headed for the Scrap Heap!

Cruise Industry News reports that the former Norwegian Wind and Dream will be scrapped as part of the Star Cruises liquidation.

Initially built for the Norwegian Cruise Line, the M/S Windward and Dreamward were renamed the Norwegian Dream and Wind following drydocks where both ships were cut in half and stretched.

When Star Cruises acquired NCL in 2000, both ships were transferred to Star Cruises and renamed Superstar Gemini and Superstar Aquarius.

Cruise Industry News is now reporting that they are probably heading to the scrapyard. Both ships have appeared this week on scrap reports as heading to the beach to be recycled.

Genting Hong Kong, the parent company of Star Cruises, recently filed for bankruptcy, and liquidators have been assigned to sell assets to pay creditors.

According to the Manifold Times, Hong Kong-listed Genting Hong Kong, formerly known as Star Cruises Limited is the parent company of CruiseGlobal Pte. Ltd., Star Cruise Pte. Ltd., and Star Cruises Singapore Investment Holding Pte. Ltd.


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