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The Valiant Lady Valiantly Trying to Offer Something New in the Med!

Virgin's second ship will homeport from Barcelona and visit the same places as many other lines.

You can't blame Richard Branson and Tom McAlpin for trying. Both the founder and President of Virgin Voyages are working hard to build excitement for the new itineraries of their second ship, the Valiant Lady that is now homeporting in Barcelona.

Branson said about the move to the Med and ship's itineraries, "When we started Virgin Voyages, we knew we wanted to create something special, unlike anything ever seen before in the cruising world. The result is something I am tremendously proud of."

President of Virgin Voyages McAlpin said, "We are so excited to finally bring our beautiful Valiant Lady to Barcelona and begin her European tour. With her sistership Scarlet Lady sailing the gorgeous Caribbean seas, the stunning Mediterranean was the dream destination for our next home. From Palma de Mallorca, to Cagliari or Toulon, we're thrilled to be able to offer Sailors the Virgin access to some of Europe's most stunning destinations."

As is customary in today's cruise world, exciting titles have been given to voyages that other cruise lines have offered for years.

Titles such as a "stunning selection of seven-night itineraries," "French Daze & Ibiza Nights," "Spanish Obsession," and "Irresistible Med."

In fairness, Virgon has chosen some of the best spots in the Med to visit, but there might be a slight bit of hyperbole in the approach.



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