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The Jackass Has Spoken!

by Tom Drake

Senator Richard Blumenthal, a longtime hater of the cruise industry, finally woke up from a long sleep to slam the industry again.

Decorated Vietnam Veteran Richard Blumenthal, who has never hidden his disdain for the cruise industry, tweeted today that it is time to shut the "petri dishes" down.

His tweet lacking in knowledge and facts said that Cruise ships are "repeating recent history as Petri dishes of Covid-19 infection" as he then urged companies and health agencies to curb operations. "Time for CDC & cruise lines to protect consumers & again pause— docking their ships."

Michael Bayley, CEO at Royal Caribbean, disclosed on Facebook that the cruise line's positivity rate is way below 1%. Blumenthal's state of Connecticut's current positivity rate is 14.98%. There have not been any reported hospitalizations or deaths during this recent Omicron outbreak, yet this guardian of the people feels it is time to shut down a multi-billion dollar industry.

It is time for the Government to stay out of the way. The consumer will decide whether they want to cruise and not clueless politicians.

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