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The Former Owner of Genting Registers Resorts World Cruises in Singapore

There is speculation that Lim Kok That might throw his unused life jacket back in the ring.

Lim Kok Thay might be getting back into the cruise business. After declining to invest any of his own money into saving his company Genting Hong Kong, which operated Crystal Cruises, Star Cruises, and Dream Cruises, the Straits Times reports that the name Resorts World Cruises has been registered in Singapore.

Lim controls Resorts World, the multi-billion-dollar casino company that recently opened one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas.

When it was revealed that Resorts World Cruise was registered in Singapore, speculation began that Lim was planning to bid on some of the assets of the company he recently allowed to go into liquidation and then get back in the water with a new company.

That ship is called the Global Dream and was 75% finished at the time of the Genting collapse. There have been reports that Lim Kok Thay has already spoken to the liquidator about bidding on that.

Some wonder if he plans to restart Dream Cruises under the brand Resorts World Cruises. Resorts Works is a well-known brand throughout Asia, where the company would most likely operate.

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