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The CDC Might Be Moving on From Covid!

The agency has removed 88 countries from its Do Not Travel List.

The embattled agency has removed 88 countries from their Do Not Travel List.

Reuters reports that the CDC said on Monday it had dropped its "Do Not Travel" COVID-19 recommendations for about 90 international destinations.

The Do Not Travel warning is the Level 4 warning, and while it has dropped that warning, it is also leaving in place a Level 3 warning for all unvaccinated travelers for many countries.

The countries and other regions dropped to "Level 3: High," which still discourages travel by unvaccinated Americans, included the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Turkey, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, and South Korea, Spain, and Russia.

Also lowered are Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Central African Republic, Chile, Czech Republic, Jordan, Lebanon, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Somalia, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

The CDC currently lists no countries at "Level 4" that it has renamed "Special Circumstances/Do Not Travel."

According to Reuters, the U.S. State Department said it was also sharply cutting back on "Do Not Travel" advisories for international destinations last week.

A spokesperson for the Stae Department said in a statement, "We believe the updated framework will help U.S. citizens make better-informed decisions about international travel safety,"

The Biden Administration has been under pressure to make changes to reopen the tourist market but has been ignoring those pleas in favor of more study.

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