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Sirle Arro, the Port of Tallinn’s Head of Marketing Says the Baltics are Safe

Appearing at Seatrade Global, she urged cruise lines to return despite the war in Ukraine.

During an appearance at Seatrade Global Sirle Arro, the Port of Tallinn's head of marketing and communications, made a plea for cruise lines to return to the Baltic region. Tallinn is located in Estonia, which borders Russia, and fears and concerns about the current war between Ukraine and Russia have forced most cruise lines to cancel cruises to that region and her Port.

Arro said at the conference, "There are losers and winners and I'm sorry to say in our case, in Tallinn, Stockholm, and Helsinki, we've lost cruise calls because of the war, and lines have taken away some ships from our region. Cruise lines are responsible and are not calling in Russia... We feel safe, and we are monitoring the news constantly and supporting the Ukrainian people. We are part of really powerful alliances: the European Union (EU), NATO, so I think this gives us safety and security." She added,

"Travelling is safe to our region, we are really keen to service our cruise guests. I think our guides need to keep up their competencies and our bus companies need to invest. If we don't have cruise lines for a long time, it will be difficult to get them back.'

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