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Royal Caribbean Hoping to Sell Cruises and Save the Planet!

The number two cruise company has released it 2021 Sustainability report.

The Royal Caribbean group has released its 2021 seastainability report highlighting the five areas that they are focused on. Those areas are:

  • Champion communities and the environment.

  • Provide unforgettable cruise experiences

  • Foster human rights and be an employer of choice

  • Advance net-zero innovation

  • Govern responsibly.

Jason Liberty, the CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, said, "all of us at Royal Caribbean Group are focused on delivering the best vacations possible and doing so responsibly. This reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and building a sustainable cruise industry while growing our business for good."

The Chairman of Safety, Environment, Sustainability and Health Committee for Royal Caribbean Group, William K. Reilly spoke the company's five-year partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Kelly said, "Much of what the Royal Caribbean Group has achieved has involved collaborators and partners. One of the most important is World Wildlife Fund. WWF's counsel on key sustainability matters has added rigor and accountability across many facets of the business, including sustainable tourism, sourcing, and reduction of emissions. The company is currently embarking on a new set of co-developed targets involving the reduction of food waste. WWF is knowledgeable in the ecology and environmental characteristics of many of the company's destinations."

Other goals introduced in the report were"

  • Introducing a fuel-cell hybrid design that allows for zero emission in port.

  • Future-proofing the company's ship-building portfolio through fuel flexibility and innovation that ensure each new ship class is 20% more energy efficient than its predecessor.

  • Developing waste management technologies that can convert waste to energy. Currently 100% of the fleet is equipped to be landfill-free.

  • Being ready, through shore power, to connect to local power grids as soon as it becomes available.


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