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Rockland Maine's Mayor Wants the Business Bar Harbor Doesn't

Rockland Mayor Ed Glaser interested in finding additional revenue streams.

At a council meeting this week, Rockland, Maine, Mayor Ed Glaser raised the possibility of seeking out more cruise line business to increase the small town's revenue stream. Specifically, the revenue that neighboring Bar Harbor no longer wants.

The Mayor said, "The question is how much do we want to encourage cruise ship traffic or do we want just to let it happen, and I think we should be going out and seeing if we can stir up some interest."

According to the Bangor Daily News, Rockland charges large cruise ships $10 per passenger, meaning that a cruise ship with about 2,000 passengers aboard ― the size of some of the larger ships that visit Rockland ― would result in $20,000 worth of revenue for the city.

Harbormaster Ryan Murry also said, "I do think it's a missed opportunity for the city, just the mere fact that [cruise lines are] willing to pay the bills if you give it to them. So I think it would be a dramatic increase in revenue if we do try to go after some of these ships that Bar Harbor is trying to get rid of."

According to Murray, only one cruise line has inquired about stopping in Rockland, though no visits have been formally booked.

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