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Port Canaveral's John Murray Optimistic About the Future of Cruising

His port handled 37 sailings in September. 49 and counting in October.

In a recent interview, Captain John Murray CEO of the Port Canaveral Port Authority, said they are looking forward to a very exciting season.

“I believe now we’re in a place people are feeling a lot more comfortable,’ Murray said. “The cruise industry has done what I’ve said all along they could do: put the right protocols in place and cruise safely.”

“The industry is strong,” Murray said. “This is the slow season for the industry in general because all the kids are in school. When the holidays start...that’s when people are out of school, and there’s a lot more traffic on the ships.”

Murray says he doesn’t believe the recent decision by the CDC to extend its framework for conditional sailing order for cruise ships will slow the port’s return to cruising.

Murray says cruise revenue has outpaced operating expenses for the second month in a row.

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