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New Zealand Reopens for Tourists and Not Cruise Ships

Over 50 countries including U.S. Canada and Great Britain are now welcome.

New Zealand opened its borders Monday to travelers from dozens of countries, including Britain, Canada, and the United States. According to tourism officials, the restrictions were lifted in an effort to recharge tourism in a country where it's an important part of the economy.

The lifting meant that passengers from about 60 "waiver" countries could enter New Zealand for nonessential travel as long as they were vaccinated and self-test before and after arrival.

Waiver nations are those from which travelers are not required to apply for a visa before entry. Non-waiver countries that require a visa for travel are still barred from entering, such as India and China.

Tourism minister Stuart Nash said the country is "back on the world map."

"The welcome mat is out for citizens of visa-waiver nations, who like Australians, can now travel here without isolation if they are vaccinated and do a pre-departure and arrival test," Nash said, according to published reports. The first of the newly welcomed international visitors arrived Monday in Auckland from Los Angeles.


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