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It Will be LNG Fuel for the New Princess Build!

The next generation Sphere class ship will focus on environmental sustainability.

Princess Cruises has announced that the laying of the keel for the first of their new builds, to be called the Sphere class, will take place in June in Italy at the Fincantieri shipyards.

Princess Cruises President John Padgett said more details would follow but that the new ship will be powered by liquid natural gas.

Padgett said, “The most compelling element of the Sphere class will be the environmental sustainability aspect. It will be Princess’ first LNG vessel. Carnival Corporation is leading the way in LNG development across many of their brands, and this will be Princess’ first LNG ship.”

Padgett added, “Of course, it will have the latest and next-generation ocean platform, and from a physical architecture, it will be a magnificent machine.”


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