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Former FDA Boss Thinks Vax Requirements Will Be Here Through the Winter

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Dr. Scott Gottlieb also thinks the masks on transportation requirement will be extended.

He is a former Director of the FDA, co-chair of Norwegian and Royal Caribbean's Health Sail Panel, and a Pfizer Board Member. Dr. Scott Gottlieb has a unique perspective on Covid-19 and its effect on the travel industry.

Yesterday, along with Norwegia Cruise Holding CEO Frank Del Rio, Gottlieb spoke on the current situation. About wearing masks going forward on transportation Gottlieb said that he thinks the agency (CDC) will extend it by two or three weeks but give a definitive end date.

He did acknowledge that some people don't want mask mandates lifted and predicted many will probably still wear masks in congregate settings, particularly in winter when flu and COVID circulate.

"One-way masking works," Gottlieb said, provided it's a high-quality mask like an N95.

Concerning vaccination mandates, he said, "This a transition year then they'll decide whether they want vaccinations in congregate settings like cruising, whether this becomes part of the childhood immunization schedule." He added, Part of this may also depend on whether the vaccines get reformulated to become highly effective against any transmission, which is very valuable for congregate settings like cruising. If so, vaccination may be a tool to keep around, like annual flu shots. Should the vaccines remain something that primarily prevents people from becoming very sick, that has less relevance to congregate settings, and becomes more of a personal choice for protection


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