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Crystal Symphony Will Hide in Bimini to Avoid Arrest

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Guests on the current cruise will be put on a Genting-owned Resorts World ferry to Miami.

Genting Hong Kong, the parent company, has decided to play a game of cruise ship "Hide and Go Seek" in the hopes of preventing Federal authorities from seizing the Crystal Symphony. This unusual action will force the current Symphony guests to take a ferry ride to Miami from Bimini, where Genting operates Resorts World.

Why is this happening? On Friday, a Federal Judge in Miami issued an arrest warrant for the ship on behalf of Petroleum Petroleum, who sued the parent company when they failed to pay their two-million-dollar fuel bill. The Symphony was initially scheduled to end its cruise in Miami on Saturday, January 22, 2022. It will now end at the Genting-owned pier in Bimini.

According to the warrant, the judge instructed federal marshals to "arrest the defendant vessel, her boats, tackle, apparel and furniture, engines and appurtenances, and to detain the same in your custody pending further order of the court."

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