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Cruise Ship Bookings Up 35% for One Agency Despite New Variant

Travel Weekly Reporting that Cruise Planners sales were up last week compared to 2019

If you own stock in a cruise line and you are worried about the future, it still looks bright despite the latest Covid variant.

Michelle Fee, founder and CEO of Cruise Planners, one of the largest online travel bookers told Travel Weekly that last week's sales were up 35% compared to the same week in 2019. Fee said "As we continue to monitor the omicron variant, we are encouraged that preliminary studies show it is less dangerous than the delta variant and our purchase activity was not negatively impacted by the news."

According to Travel Weekly, Cruises in Alaska and the Caribbean have seen increased purchase activity over the past two weeks. Cruise Planners said 2022 Alaska cruise sales have doubled compared to 2019. In the past week, Caribbean cruises outsold European cruises "for the first time in many months."

Demand for luxury products has been "solid," Cruise Planners said, as its agencies continue to book world cruises.

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