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Could the Dream Be Over for Dream Cruises?

Booking site not responsive to bookings.

When Genting Hong Kong announced that they planned to fold up the company, the statement read that it was hoping to have Dream Cruises continue operating. Genting Hong KOng is the parent company of Crystal Cruise, which has already suspended operations, Star Cruises and Dream Cruises.

Now, both the Dream Cruises and Star Cruises websites are no longer accepting bookings, so it would seem both are also victims of Genting Hong Kong's severe financial problems.

Another possible casualty will be Dream Cruise's new mega-ship under construction at the two MV Werften shipyards shut down shipyards both owned by Genting Hong Kong. The ship, when completed, would have been the world's largest class cruise ship at an impressive 204,000 gross tons and a maximum passenger capacity of 9,500 or 5,000 at double occupancy across a total of 2,503 cabins.

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