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Costa Announces All Hands ON Deck By the Summer

Roberto Alberti says, "We are seeing the growth in demand for holidays, and I am sure that this trend will increase further in the coming weeks."

The big boss at Costa sounds excited about the summer season for Costa as he announced the return to the sea of all ships by June.

Roberto Alberti, SVP & Chief Commercial Officer of Costa Cruises said in a statement filled with corporate-speak, "We think our offer is the best ever, thanks to elements that combine unique experiences, both onboard and ashore. Our rich itinerary program suits for every need and includes some great new features, such as cruises to Turkey.

Our cruise experience has been profoundly enriched and will allow guests to discover destinations in an authentic way, also thanks to extended stops in some ports. Furthermore, our guests will be able to enjoy their vacations on a fleet with latest generation ships, which combine sustainable innovation with entertainment, hospitality, and well-being."

It should be noted that Costa was out front of the cruise industry in safely restarting cruising in Europe during the height of the pandemic.

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