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Carnival's 200 Million Dollar Terminal in Grand Bahama Set To Break Ground in May

Minister for Grand Bahama Ginger Moxey says that all the necessary approvals and permits for the project are close to being finalized.

Kevin Costner said it best. Build it, and they will come. Minister for Grand Bahama Minister Ginger Moxey and Carnival Cruise Line hope that will happen as they finalize agreements to build a new $200 million terminal on Grand Bahama island.

Moxey said yesterday that all the necessary approvals and permits for the project are finalized.

Moxey told local media that the port is scheduled to open in November 2024. The Minister said: “We have been working with Carnival Corp to finalize all permits and approvals for the start of the Grand Bahama Cruise port project. Carnival has shared that they are committed to developing a Bahamian experience in the new port.

She added, “We have made significant progress in our discussions and are close to finalizing what is needed to start the project.

Moxey explained that the construction period will last two and a half years.

Last week Carnival Cruise Line executives affirmed the company’s commitment to major investments in the country, particularly a new port in Grand Bahama and $100 million of enhancements planned for the island of San Salvador.

Cruise Line President Christine Duffy noted that those projects were expected to bring 1,000 full-time jobs last week.

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