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Blabby Blumental Wanted Conditional Sail Order Extended

by Tom Drake January 17, 2022

CDC ignored the Senator's letter and let the order expire.

Ignoring the ridiculously high positivity rate in his home state Senator Richard Blumenthal and California Congressman Doris Matsui took the time to offer their crackpot opinions to both the CDC and CLIA about the current Omicron outbreak. An outbreak that has caused a record number of cases in the U.S. and yet, a significantly smaller increase on ships.

The two headline-grabbing politicians wrote to CLIA and said, "Passengers onboard ships with outbreaks say they have little accurate information about positive COVID-19 cases, and those who test positive report deplorable conditions. While ships continue sailing, cruise operators must take all actions necessary to prioritize the health and well-being of passengers and crew."

In a letter to the CDC, they added, "While the world battles the highest surge in COVID-19 cases to date, prioritizing and strongly enforcing measures that maximize the safety of all those onboard cruise ships is critical. Prematurely transitioning to a voluntary program could allow companies to skirt necessary public health measures."

The CDC's response to their request was to ignore it. That was the correct response. These two gasbags are ignoring the simple fact that cruising is VOLUNTARY. Unlike air travel which is often necessary, people cruise because they want to, and these letters are two examples of the lack of respect politicians have for us dumb Americans.

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