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Big Name Sports Stars are Buying into Cruising

Virgin Voyages has received an investment from a group of star athletes.

Among the investors in Virgin Voyages are Bain Capital and Richard Branson's own Virgin Group. Now Patricof Co has also invested in Virgin Voyages and it is a unique invest because Patricof Co's investors are big name athletes such as baseball legend CC Sabathia, Tennis superstar Venus Williams, NBA star Blake Griffin and NFL star Travis Kelce. Many of of the athlete's recently visited Virgin's Scarlet Lady in Miami with founder Richard Branson and Virgin CEO Tom McAlpin.

McAlpin said 'It’s exciting to welcome these superstar athletes on board who will bring great energy and ideas as we grow globally and add three new ships to our fleet by 2023,' 'It’s also proof of how entrepreneurialism is at the heart of this brand as we evolve to have investors who are more than just people who write checks, they are part of the business and helping us navigate the future.'

'I'm thrilled to be partnering with Virgin Voyages and helping to bring this incredible experience to the US,' tennis champion/entrepreneur Venus Williams said. 'Traveling and taking in different cultures is so important to me and I’m excited to work with this team to deliver that opportunity to more customers.'

Blake Griffin, forward for the Brooklyn Nets: 'When Patricof Co. brought this investment opportunity to me, I jumped at the chance to invest in Virgin Voyages in the early stages and I’ve been really impressed with the brand ever since.'

According to Seatrade News, Patricof Co. will work with Virgin Voyages to establish an Athlete Advisory Council to play an active role in designing experiences for sailors (passengers) to ensure the sailings are distinct from other holidays. The athletes will also work with the brand on sustainability initiatives given the focus brought by Branson and Virgin globally on this important issue.

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