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After Receiving Over 5BN in Federal Aid, Delta's Boss Excited to See How High Fares Can Go!

Delta CEO Ed Bastion says fares could go up 25 - 30% this summer and tickets are still selling!

During an investor conference call, Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastion said consumers are paying more for any type of seat, from basic to premium, CEO Ed Bastian.

Bastion said, "We expect pricing this summer to be up probably somewhere between 25% and 30% on average. We've never seen anything of that scale. "The consumer desire to travel anywhere has allowed the airline to raise prices while not delivering service because of staff shortage.

Bastion told callers that he feels the 12,000 pilots they have will be enough, but the airline has reduced flights by 3% and allowed more time between connections to reduce the number of canceled flights.

Delta received over 5 billion dollars in taxpayer money during the pandemic and has decided to repay the taxpayer by jacking up the prices and, in many cases leaving flyers stranded.

Interesting business model.



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