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Sometime in early 2020, a gruesome and mean virus left Wuhan, China, and began making its way around the world. 


Suddenly, many entertainers who had for years earned a decent living performing on cruise ships found themselves trapped in Facebook Live hell, having their wire transfers replaced by Pay Pal and Venmo. 


During this time, Tom Drake fought the urge to pretend that performing in your living room was show business and instead entered a twelve-step program based on internet-based radio. 


And the Tom Drake Show was born. 


Suddenly, at least in his mind, Tom was broadcasting his show around the world; only it is from a spare room in his house. 


Shortly after his show premiered to listeners around the globe, legendary comedy magician John Ferrentino, exhibiting a singular act of kindness, offered to join the show daily.


And so the Big Broadcast with Tom Drake and John Ferrentino was born!

Born and raised in New Jersey and the product of thirteen years of Catholic education, stand-up comedian Tom Drake's act has been called "An Attitude with a Tie." 

His likable style and superb observational skills, however, have helped make him a popular performer in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, on the concert stage and aboard cruise ships around the world. 

According to Tom," some comedians and joke tellers, and some are storytellers." 

Tom likes to think he is a little bit of both. 

How Tom began performing on ships is another story.

A few years back (who counts anymore), Tom received an offer to audition for several major cruise lines at an entertainer showcase in Miami, Florida. Tom accepted the invitation, arrived at the theater, and was told his audition would be after sixteen other performers and that he would follow an Al Jolson tribute act. Tom said, "I suddenly felt like I had stepped inside a Woody Allen movie." 

Tom took the stage at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night after a rousing rendition of "Mammy" and somehow managed to make them laugh. 

The next day Tom was notified that he had received offers for many months of work on five different cruise lines.  Those many months turned into many years (again who keeps track) and many stories that you will hear about during his show.

Now a big fan of cruising Tom says, "performing on ships gave me a chance to do what I love and see the world." 

Oh! And get paid for it!

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