• Tom Drake

What will it take to get the CDC to do their job?

Five months after the Unworkable Conditional No Sail Order was issued, silence from the CDC continues.

What will it take to get the CDC to pay attention?

In the last ten days, the Cruise Line Industry Association issued a statement requesting that the CDC offer new guidance when the cruise industry can restart.

During a video address to his travel advisors Richard Fain, CEO of the Royal Caribean Group said that his company is already operating ships safely outside the United States.

The Governor of the state of Florida is demanding that the CDC rescind the conditional sale order.

The Attorney General of the State of Florida has suggested that the state will take legal action to force the CDC to provide reasons why the industry remains shut down.

Executives of Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise line, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise line have all publicly stated that it is time for the CDC to allow the industry to start again.

In November of last year, the Healthy Sail panel form by the Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Group presented 70 procedures and protocols to keep guests safe. A panel made up of the former head of the CDC and many of the top infectious disease in experts in the country. The CDC has ignored those recommendations.

The current political appointee of the CDC made the statement before the Senate that the decision to lift the order would be an interagency decision that would involve the DOT and the OMB . a spokesman for the Department of Transportation said they have nothing to do with his order. No comment from the Office of Budget and Management.

It can't be good when the head of the agency stopping an entire industry from operating does not even know whose decision it is to lift the order.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis summed it up best when he said “If you’re not going to be willing to greenlight this, then you need to explain why everywhere else in the world can do it,”

In other words, it is time for the CDC to provide some answers or step aside and let a very prepared private industry begin to operate again.

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