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VShips Reported to Be Now in Charge of Crystal Ships

Multiple travel sources report that the liquidator in Bermuda is shutting down Crystal management offices.

Multiple travel industry websites are reporting that Crystal Cruises is shutting down its U.S. office and all employees are being let go. The reports are based on an announcement made by one of the Captains on one of the seized Crystal ships who said, "I have been informed that the entire Crystal Cruises office in the U.S. is closing down."

Sources within the industry are saying that the vessel management company VShips who already handles the manning of the ships, will now be assigned to maintain them for the Bermuda Court Liquidator.

Crystal has three ships presently operating. The Serenity and Symphony have been arrested in Freeport due to unpaid bills. Crystal's new expedition ship, the Endeavor, is en route to Montevideo, Uruguay.

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