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Viking's Guests Feel Safer Onboard Than Home

93% surveyed felt safe cruising with Viking.

During a recent interview, Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen reported that while cruising on his ships, "Time and time again I heard our guests say that traveling with Viking is the safest they felt during the whole pandemic".

According to the Chairman, In a recent survey, "93 percent of the guests have said they felt safer onboard than at home in their own communities." He went on to say "Overall, guests are relaxed and comfortable because of our enhanced protocols and we are seeing many return home eagerly planning their next trip, noting that many passengers end up booking back-to-back sailings while on board to extend their time away from home."

Hagen, who would never be accused of being too humble, went on to say, "As our company continues to grow, I'm proud to say that Viking can take you to all seven continents and the most remote corners of the world by river, sea or on the lakes."

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