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Viking Ocean Bails On Russia

An email to guests today advised that they will not sail into Russia in 2022.

Viking Ocean Voyages today advised their guests that they will not visit Russia in 2022.

The email stated "We are writing today to keep you updated on your upcoming Viking voyage. We are deeply opposed to the unfolding conflict in Ukraine and are heartbroken for all the people who are impacted.

On February 24, we canceled all 2022 departures of our Ukraine river itinerary. Today, March 1, we have made the decision to cease all operations in Russia in 2022. Therefore, we have canceled all 2022 departures of our Russia river itineraries-and will replace scheduled stops in Russia for all 2022 ocean itineraries.

Rest assured, we will operate your Viking Homelands voyage and are currently developing a modified itinerary that will provide you with the Viking experience you expect and deserve. We will notify you directly as soon as details are finalized."


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