• Tom Drake

USA Today publishes some fiery quotes from NCL's Del Rio

"The reason we're doing it now is, quite frankly, we're fed up with waiting for the CDC to allow us to cruise," Del Rio said.

In an article published today in USA TODAY Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio is quoted as saying "if we can't operate in the US then will operate in the second-best place it could be that we find out there are better places to operate than the US.

Del Rio is upset at the CDC's lack of cooperation and response to his company's request to restart cruising in the US by July 4th . Del Rio also said that there was no guarantee they would bring the ships back. He was quoted as saying, "if we find it equally as profitable if not more profitable to operate from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica versus Miami even when the CDC gets around to opening us we will keep those ships there. "

Kelly Craighead, President of the Cruise Line Industry Association, was also quoted in this article and offered a different opinion. Craighead said the convenience of departing from US ports is something I imagine will always be taken into consideration in part because we have places like Miami, which is the cruise capital of the world.

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