• Tom Drake

Unvaccinated Guests Will Pay More, Do Less and Wear Masks

Florida makes this necessary for health and safety reasons.

Anyone who plans to sail on Royal Caribbean from Florida and has not been vaccinated should get onboard knowing that their cruise will cost more and they will be subject to restrictions. A recent Florida law prohibits companies from requiring or even asking about vaccinations but once the ship sails then it will be "welcome to our world".

Once the ship leaves Florida waters, guests will need to prove they have been vaccinated or they will be subject to testing and numerous protocols. is reporting that Royal Caribbean has issued the following guidelines for unvaccinated guests.

The regulations for mixed-vaccination status cruises include:

  • Charging unvaccinated guests over 16 years of age $136 per person for on-board COVID-19 testing.

  • Restricting some events, shows and venues to vaccinated guests only.

  • Disallowing unvaccinated guests for making dinner reservations in advance, and instead, providing them with specifically allowed dining times.

  • Requiring facemasks indoors for all passengers, unless it's a vaccinated guests-only event.

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