• Tom Drake

UnCruise Will Start Earlier in Alaska

High Demand is the reason for the earlier start.

Uncruise Adventures announced yesterday that they are moving up their Alaska sailing dates due to high demand. The decision comes after the decision to originate their cruises from Juneau in place of Seattle. Departures from Seattle were not possible due to Covid restrictions. UnCruise said that instead of cancelling, it decided to “save the long-awaited adventure cruises of dozens of guests offering them an alternative itinerary out of Juneau, covering guest airfare and hotels to ensure an unforgettable experience.

UnCruise CEO Dan Blanchard said in a statement “When recent changes were made affecting our Seattle departures, I knew I could not disappoint our guests with another cancellation. Some of our guests have been waiting on this cruise for two or three years. It makes me proud to see my team jump into action and be ready to do what it takes to make this year one of the biggest comebacks we’ve ever had.”

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