• Tom Drake

UK Ports Making Room for a Busy Summer.

While the CDC studies some more, Great Britain is moving ahead.

Meanwhile across the pond, the port of Liverpool is struggling to find docking spots for all the requests they are receiving from the many cruise lines offering cruises around the British Isles this summer . Cruise industry news is reporting at the port of Liverpool will have at least 120 ship visit this summer. Angie Redhead, head of Cruise Liverpool, told Cruise Industry News “The phone is red-hot. We've had a huge number of inquiries. At the moment, we've got 120 ships scheduled to call this summer.” “It’s absolutely great that ships will be returning this summer. Liverpool is a maritime city: passenger shipping is in our DNA and the people in Liverpool cannot wait to see passenger ships on the Mersey again … Part of our recovery plan as a city is for tourism and hospitality to come back to life as quickly as possible. Cruise shipping is one element of that,” she added.

Rebekah Keeler, head of cruise for ABP Southampton, shared the enthusiasm about the return of cruise ships. “We very much welcome the news that UK domestic cruising can start again from May 17,” she told Cruise Industry News. “We remain confident about a strong future of cruise in Southampton and continue to work hard behind the scenes with our industry partners for a safe return to cruise. We’re excited to begin welcoming cruise lines back home to Europe’s leading cruise turn-around port.

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