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U.S. Cruising Will Be All Blue. No Gray on the Horizon

111 cruise ships have opted into the CDC voluntary Crayola color program.

This past Thursday, only 20 cruise ships had agreed to participate in the CDC's voluntary cruise program. That number changed quickly after the CDC adjusted some of the more unworkable and unnecessary rules.

Now, a total of 111 ships have opted into a program designed to allow consumers to monitor the health and safety of the industry, and the CDC can now put aside their gray markers.

The program employs a color-coding system, and the CDC had announced any cruise ship that did not join the program would be listed as a gray ship on their website's color-coded charts.

According to Seatrade News, of the 111, 108 are intending to be at the 'highly vaccinated' level; that is, 95% of crew and passengers (including children, apart from those under five who are currently ineligible) fully vaccinated. As for the top-tier 'vaccination standard of excellence,' which means 95% of the onboard population would be up to date, or boosted, zero ships are listed. Ships will be put in that category once they have notified the CDC they've qualified for it.

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