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Two Cruise Lines..Two Points of View...

Updated: Mar 28

Richard Fain is not waiting for the CDC any longer.Carnival's Christine Duffy says they will....

In a video released yesterday, Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line, made it clear that Carnival intends to wait for the CDC to allow Carnival ships to begin cruising again in the United States. Duffy also said in this video that "Carnival Cruise Line has no plans to operate their ships outside of the United States at this time." According to Duffy, "Carnival Cruise Line is America's cruise line." Carnival operates from 14 U.S. ports offering mostly seven-day or fewer cruises and 50% of their guests drive to the ship.

Duffy said in her video statement that "Carnival is very encouraged by recent vaccine distribution and the positive progress that this signals." "Our decisions about vaccines continue to be informed by our global medical and science experts, and of course the requirements from the places in which we operate our ships and the destinations we visit," "The timing for restart in the U.S. continues to be a bit uncertain," explained Duffy.

"Some cruise lines have canceled their June sailings, and several cruise lines have recently announced itineraries that will operate outside the U.S. and will require guests over the age of 18, and all crew, to be vaccinated."

"We have not made a decision here at Carnival about our June sailings, if in fact we could be given the opportunity to restart cruising from the U.S."

And although Duffy made it clear that Carnival will wait for the CDC to restart cruising, she did make the point that the cruise industry should be allowed to restart.

"If it's safe to fly on an airplane, stay in a hotel or resort, or visit an amusement park, it should be safe to cruise on a ship with the additional health and safety protocols that we have in place," concluded Duffy.


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