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TUI Says Fooey to Overnighting Before Joining Their Ships

Guest must also be fully vaccinated with a booster shot and be able to sing the German National Anthem.

According to the German Blog Site, Schiffe und Kreuzfahrter, TUI Cruises will no longer allow their guests to board if they have stayed overnight before boarding. One can assume TUI prefers their guests exhausted when they arrive on the first day.

The company also said it will only take bookings with arrival and departure packages (i.e. flights) it books for guests along with the cruise, allowing it to control the full journey. Post-cruise stays are still okay.

Exceptions are being granted for guests that have already booked flights or other transportation, which will be checked by the cruise line at embarkation.

This announcement follows TUI's statement that all guests must have two vaccinations and a booster shot to cruise.

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