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Travel Weekly Reports That the Former Boss at Silversea Still Interested in Crystal Cruises

The investigation into making a bid is being done by subsidiary A&K.

Travel Weekly reports that Manfredi Lefebvre D'Ovidio, the man behind Silversea before the line was acquired by Royal Caribbean Group still has his eye on all or at least part of the now-defunct Crystal Cruises.

The Chairman of the Heritage Group told Travel Weekly that a possible acquisition of Crytal is being studied by a team led by Cristina Levis, the vice chairwoman of Abercrombie & Kent. Heritage Group, a private equity group, acquired a 90% share of A&K in 2019.

Neither person would acknowledge whether they were looking at all of the assets of Crytal, which would include two ocean-going ships, an expedition ship, and five riverboats, or they were interested in some pieces.

Some in the industry believe the most significant asset at Crystal was their well-trained crew, who are now seeking careers elsewhere. Some former members of that team, like Bernie Leypold, Crystal's former senior vice president of hotel operations, are hoping for a buyer and a restart of the line.

Lewis told TW, "we highly appreciate what the crew and ashore employees have done for the Crystal brand. We will try to retain as many of them as we can, including former president Jack Anderson if he is available."

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