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Travel Industry Groups Want Testing Dropped

Group asks the White House to urgently drop requirements.

A large travel group that included Airlines for America, the US Travel Association, the US Chamber of Commerce, Airlines for Europe, Global Business Travel Association are asking the Biden Administration to lift the international testing requirements.

In a letter to White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients, the group stated, "On behalf of the many sectors of the travel and aviation industries, we urgently request that the Administration remove the requirement for pre-departure testing; for vaccinated passengers traveling to the United States."

The reasons given for the rollback of testing requirements for vaccinated travellers were increased immunity, higher vaccination rates, new COVID-19 treatments, and the pervasiveness of novel coronavirus cases in all US states.

The letter also said it was time to follow the European Union recommendation to drop COVID-19 restrictions for travel among member nations and the United Kingdom's announcement that it was removing pre-departure testing for vaccinated travelers entering the country.

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