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The Wonder of the Seas Water Breaks!

A sprinkler malfunction mid-day Sunday turned the ships inaugural voyage into a wet T-shirt contest.

On a cruise, you expect to see lots of water. But not always on the inside of the ships. Sunday, during its inaugural voyage, the Wonder of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, experienced a sprinkler malfunction that turned the Royal Promenade deck into the Rainforest deck.

The Royal Promenade stretches down the center of the vessel on deck 5. According to eyewitness reports and videos posted to social media accounts, the sprinklers soaked center portions of deck 5.

Crew members acted quickly and efficiently to cordon off the area. The promenade was closed for cleanup, including lowering the fire doors in adjacent sections to contain the water and keep guests safe from slippery floors and other possible hazards.

According to reports, the incident appears to have been a malfunction, and there were no alarm calls made and no fire reported on board. The area was cleaned up, dried out, and reopened for guests to enjoy within a few hours.

Guests who watched the situation were very complimentary about the crew and the speed at which they worked to get things back to normal.

There was no mention on whether the Drink of the Day was called "The Sprinkler Head"


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