• Tom Drake

The UK Jumps the Queue and approves a restart.

British government tells the cruise industry they can restart May 17, 2021

This week the UK Maritime Minister, Robert Courts, announced that cruises would be able to resume domestically on May 17, 2021. The announcement comes after the UK government has started to relax measures nationwide, following a roadmap that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has laid out for the country.

Although the pandemic has plagued the UK for many months, a successful vaccine rollout has laid the foundation for a speedy return to the ‘new normal.’

“As set out in the prime minister’s roadmap, the earliest possible date for this step is May 17.” Before the cruise lines are allowed to sail, they will need to comply with several measures that the government has imposed. According to the current framework, joining crew members will need to pass a PCR test and comply with a two-week quarantine onboard, while guests will have to comply with social distancing and mask-wearing onboard.

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