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The New Entertainment Director at Virgin Voyages is "J.Lo"?

Superstar Jennifer Lopez is now part of the Virgin family.

Jenny from the Block will now be Jenny in the Owners Suite on Virgin Voyages. Today, Virgin Voyages announced a new partnership with international film and music superstar, entrepreneur, and style icon, Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez said about her joining the Virgin family. “My artistic and social mission is to empower, inspire and entertain. Any opportunity that I get to combine all these attributes into a partnership and collaboration is exciting for me. I admire Sir Richard and all he has built. I am inspired by Virgin Voyages’ dedication to creating irresistible experiences and focus on well-being, which all fits perfectly with my own lifestyle and brand ethos.”

According to the company press releasee, Lopez will be busy going forward. Looking ahead, Jennifer Lopez, Richard Branson, and Virgin Voyages have big plans together. From Sailor experience development with an emphasis on well-being and fitness to design collaborations and entertainment co-creations - all to be released throughout 2022 - she will be a fleet guardian unlike any in history. And to kick things off with style and glamor, Virgin Voyages will be exclusively introducing JLo Beauty as part of the onboard offering, bringing Jennifer’s amazing products to the high seas for the first time.

“We knew immediately that we wanted Jennifer to be a partner and to help Virgin Voyages shape the future of travel on the high seas. She is one of the most talented and hardest working people out there,” says Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. “I admire her as an artist, as an entrepreneur, and as a person.”

From the moment we launched this brand, we knew we wanted to make waves and bring changes for Sailors to have the most epic vacation ever. After the last two years, vacations have never been more needed, so we searched for someone very special to join us on this voyage. Jennifer is a trailblazer and embodies the spirit that lives inside of Virgin Voyages and our people,” says Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages. “As an investor and advisor, she turns the godmother tradition on its head and makes it powerful and limitless. We couldn’t be more excited for what is ahead.”

The announcement of the relationship between Jennifer Lopez, Richard Branson, and Virgin Voyages was unveiled on social media in a humorous video that captured Jennifer and Richard on FaceTime together. The conversation focuses on the reinvention of the godmother role by discussing what title would be suitable for Jennifer, given she is playing such a significant role, not just a ceremonial one, in the brand’s plans.

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