• Tom Drake

The Mouse Has Made It Across the Pond

The Disney Magic is scheduled to sail 3 and 4 day Stayc

The Mouse Has Made it Across the Pond…The Disney Magic arrived yesterday at The London International Cruise Terminal, located at The Port of Tilbury in Jolly Old England. The Magic is there to begin a series of StayCations…A Staycation is a cruise where the the guests stay on the ship for the entre cruise as the ship sails past the beach that they normally visit on holiday. Steve Lyons, the Head of Capitol Cruising said, “It is very exciting to welcome Disney Magic to the London International Cruise Terminal. Our cruise terminal has been given the Disney magic treatment and passengers will enjoy their experience from the moment they arrive at our terminal. We look forward to welcoming the vessel back for a number of calls over the next month,” Strict protocols including no one is allowed to even act goofy…

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