• Tom Drake

A Snack or a Covid-19 Test. Your Choice!

Updated: Feb 21

Wellness for Humanity wants to make it convenient for travelers to get a Covid-19 Test.

Time for a quiz? A bag of potato chips, a bottle of water, peanut butter crackers, a Snickers candy bar and a COVID-19 test. What do these items all have in common? You can now get them all from a vending machine.

Yes, already here in the US, one can select a COVID-19 test from a vending machine produced by Wellness 4 Humanity of Atlanta, Georgia. The saliva tests, which a Wellness 4 Humanity rep boasts have a 99% accuracy rate, come with a prepaid FedEx shipping label, so they can be sent to the company’s partner lab, with results promised within 48 hours.

For that reason, the company expects more travelers will use the tests after returning from travel to ensure they are negative rather than as a prerequisite for flying. The company said results come to your phone in one to two days. The cost is $139.00.

In a similar story, Global Vending one of the largest vending companies in the United States is repurposing vending machines to dispense Personal Protective Equipment. Everything from Sanitizer - liquid or gel, sanitizing wipes, masks and gloves….everything you need to protect yourself on the go!

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