• Tom Drake

American Queen steaming on March 15, 2021

The American Countess will begin sailing March 15, 2021 and all guests will have to have been vaccinated.

The American Queen Steamboat Company has announced that The American Countess, the will begin sailing on March 28 and will operate at a reduced capacity of 166 passengers on the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee rivers.

The company is permitted to sail during the pandemic because its ships will carry fewer than 250 people onboard and therefore, it does not fall under the no-sail order issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To insure further safety in sailing American Queen and its sister company, Victory Cruise Lines, have also entered into a partnership with VIKAND, a company that provides medical services to more than 200 cruise ships.

And to make the trip not only safe but more fun, the company also announced that it will now include alcoholic beverages in the cruise fare as well as an upgraded culinary program with USDA Prime meats and lobster available at all dinners. In that case, let's start those paddles!!

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