• Tom Drake

The CDC's lack of cooperation is finally causing the cruise industry to react.

Updated: Apr 1

Royal Caribbean International President Michael Bayley is worried that CDC will just give them outdated instructions.

During a webinar with travel agents, Royal Caribbean International president Michael barely spoke frankly about his concerns with the CDC. He said that at Royal Caribbean, "We're worried that the guidance that we're going to get is going to be pretty outdated."

The reason for his concern is that it has been many months since the CDC has provided any guidance.

During the Webinar, Bayley asked the travel agents to get involved in the campaign to get their representatives involved. "Just put in a little bit of information, and then it automatically populate your local representative, elected officials basically saying, come on, let's get this cruise restarted."

Kelly Craighead, current President of the Cruise Line Association issued a very strong statement last week asking the CDC to get going. She said “The outdated CSO, ( conditional sail order) which was issued almost five months ago, does not reflect the industry’s proven advancements and success operating in other parts of the world, nor the advent of vaccines, and unfairly treats cruises differently."

CLIA has launched a new campaign to get the U.S. Government to recognize the plight of the shuttered cruise industry.

Use your voice to tell Congress to urge the Biden Administration to lift the Conditional Sailing Order (CSO) and allow cruising to resume in the U.S. by the beginning of July 2021!


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