• Tom Drake

The CDC Continues to Muddy the Waters for Reopening of Cruising

Cruise Lines could be buried under mountains of forms and regulations.

Yesterday the CDC issued the latest mind-numbing guidelines for the restart of the cruise industry. the linked to those regulations is posted below. The CDC has left in place the major roadblock to a restart and that is the requirement for simulated AKA free cruises to prove to the CDC that cruise lines can operate safely. The CDC has added a way that cruise lines would not have to run simulator voyages. Any cruise line that can guarantee that the cruise will have 97% of the crew vaccinated and 95% of the gas vaccinated would be exempt from this requirement. The CDC does not provide any data to explain why leaving 3% of the crew non vaccinated and 5% of the guests not vaccinated would satisfy their desire for simulated voyages. The majority of cruise lines operating outside of the United States are mandating that all crew and all guests be vaccinated.

Click Here to read the latest government guidelines.

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