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The AP Says Mexico Will Allow Ships With Covid Cases to Dock

This decision follows Puerto Vallarta refusing to allow the Konigsdam to dock.

The Associated Press is reporting that Mexico has decided to allow cruise ships to dock even if there are Covid cases onboard the ship. According to the AP, the Mexican government said Tuesday it will allow cruise ships carrying people infected with Covid-19 to dock.

The announcement came after two Mexican ports refused to allowed passengers ashore because their ships had Covid cases. The Health Department said passengers or crew who show no symptoms will be allowed to come ashore normally, while those with symptoms or a positive virus test will be quarantined or given medical care.

The department said a cruise ship that was prevented from docking at one Pacific coast port will be allowed to dock farther north, at the port of Guaymas. That was an apparent reference to a ship that was supposed to dock at Puerto Vallarta a few days ago but was not allowed to do so.

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