• Tom Drake

Texas Joins Lawsuit Against CDC

CDC has cost the State 1.6 billion in lost wages.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a motion in federal court to allow Texas to join Alaska and Florida in their lawsuit against the CDC. Attorney General Paxton wrote “The pandemic showed us that the need for stable and predictable law has never been greater. Government policy should not have the ability to destroy industries and eliminate workforces with the stroke of a pen. The cruise industry needs clearly defined expectations for safe operations and protection from baseless COVID-related claims while the country is reaching new vaccination records. Unfortunately, government policy has not always kept pace with medical advancement against the pandemic. The resulting prolonged economic shutdown has left many people—and, in some cases, entire industries—facing financial ruin.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) has issued a series of “no-sailing” or “conditional-sailing” orders that have brought the Texas passenger cruise industry, and the community of businesses supporting and benefitting from that industry, to a halt. The CDC’s outdated and unlawful regulation harms the State of Texas, its economy, and its citizens.”

“Although the interests of Texas and Florida are closely aligned, they are not identical,” Texas says in its filing which seeks to “intervene” in the case. A technical process under the law, intervention permits a non-party to the case to join the suit at the permission of the court to directly represent its interest in the matter.

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