• Tom Drake

State of Florida Files in Court to Immediately Overturn Conditional Sail Order

Request makes clear that the agency "does not intend to proceed with reopening the cruise industry in good faith."

On Thursday, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody took the CDC to court. In Tampa, Moody asked the federal court to immediately block the current restrictions by the CDC that are keeping the cruise industry from operating. As part of this 27-page motion, the state contends that "without this court's intervention, Florida will lose millions, if not billions, of dollars, and if companies like Carnival follow through on their threat to move operations abroad, the State of Florida may never be the same." The motion states further, "The Conditional Sailing Order also reasons that it is necessary because 'measures taken by state and local health authorities regarding COVID-19 onboard cruise ships are inadequate,' … and that COVID-19 'transmission has not been controlled sufficiently by the cruise ship industry,'" the state said. "The cruise industry has not operated since March 2020. And the order does not even consider measures taken or proposed by Florida, its local governments, or the cruise industry since then."

Many people in the legal profession feel that the state does not have standing for this suit, but the state contends that there is case law and that "forcing federal agencies to comply with the law is undoubtedly in the public interest" and that it is "against the public interest to force a person out of a job."

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