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Sorry Marg! The Konigsdam Opens the Cruise Season in Victoria BC

Holland America ship with 1200 guests arrived Saturday to a large group of smiling locals.

In a previous update, we told the story of Marg, a Victoria resident desperately trying to reduce the number of cruise ships visiting Victoria. She was attempting this because she lived adjacent to the port in the James Bay community. However, not everyone in James Bay agrees with Marg. Nancy Schrader, a resident of Victoria's James Bay neighborhood who celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary aboard the Koningsdam three years ago, told local media when speaking about the arrival of the Konigsdam, "For me, it just represents a real return to something normal and positive." Her husband James added, "It is absolute proof of renewal to see this here."

Alan Thilmot, manager of Victoria Pedicab Company, said, "I actually choked up a little bit seeing the ship coming in."

Ian Robertson, CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbor Association, said, "To see the Koningsdam just off the breakwater was just a great sight, and it's been a long time coming, and it was just a fantastic feeling."

The Koningsdam arrived in Victoria listed as "Green status," meaning there are no reported cases of COVID-19 or similar illness on board.

"The fact that our first ship here today is a code green - meaning all clear for covid - is a great sign," said B.C. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming on Saturday.

"It's probably not going to be like that on every visit, but let's hope it's like that for the vast majority of them."


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