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Skagway's White Pass Train Taking a Pass on Canada This Season!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Radio Station KHNS reports that the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad says its historic scenic trains won’t cross the border despite the relaxed rules announced earlier this week.

According to KHNS, White Pass executive Tyler Rose explained why this 300 million tour company has decided to bypass one of the most popular parts of the train ride.

Rose said, “It really was a difficult decision. We just couldn’t find a workable solution to it. It was logistics, some restrictions. The uncertainty around wait times, it just wasn’t possible for us to provide the consistent, high-quality service without delays. And we thought it would create a significant disruption to the passenger experience.”

Yukon’s Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai said the decision was disappointing. “We essentially went through a series of problem-solving on border issues and ensuring that we would have the ability for White Pass to come back and not have delays. And you know, we solved those issues. So yeah, this week was it was very tough to get that news,” said Pillai.

Not everyone is abandoning the Yukon. Tour companies Chilkoot Charters and Holland America Princess, plan to resume bus tours into Canada.

That decision pleased Skagway Mayor Andrew Cremata, who was concerned that the reduction in tours would create a bottleneck in his small town with the thousands of cruise ship passengers arriving in Skagway and searching for something to do.


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