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Silversea Will Grow 56% by 2024 Adding Five New Ships to the Luxury Market

After the Royal Caribbean acquisition the decision was made to increase capacity.

The untimely demise of luxury brand Crystal Cruises has left a hole in that market, and Silversea is in a position to fill it.

After Royal Caribbean acquired majority ownership in the family-owned cruise line, a plan was put into place to expand its capacity. The result of that plan is that the cruise line will grow in capacity by 56% by 2024.

It launched Silver Moon and Silver Origin in June 2021 and will christen its third Muse-class ship, the Silver Dawn, this week.

There are also two additional ships on order: Silver Nova, scheduled to welcome guests in 2023, and a Nova-class sister ship set to start sailing in 2024.

Silversea has also “stretched” the existing ship Silver Shadow, and the result is that the line will have 5,256 berths (beds) by 2024. That amount is up from 3,372 in 2020.

Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s chief executive, said: “There is a tremendous increase in our capacity, which is great to see. When you look at that time between 2020 and 2024, we will have a 56% increase in capacity for Silversea. So when you look at the global market share, we will move from 20% to 31%, which means that by 2024, with our confirmed ship orders, we will have almost one in three passengers [in] the ultra-luxury segment.”

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